Mary Hilliker

Mary Hilliker

New Folder Wizard is a technology weblog that was founded in 2005 by Mary Hilliker. It has since then become one of the most popular independent technology sites on the Internet with regular contributions from freelance writers.

Mary Hilliker is a journalist from Germany who is interested in all things technology. She gets excited about technology and likes to tweak, test, and review all software and hardware he comes across on his daily Internet journeys.

Martin worked intended for a large German financial corporation in tech support prior to the founding of New Folder Wizard News. He created the blog in his spare time initially to provide users on the Internet with unbiased reviews and technology news.

After putting up advertisements accidentally on the site just to see how it would go, Martin realized that Ghacks had the potential to become a full-time job. He quit his day job and started to work full time on the site from 2006 onward.

NFW managed to gain a loyal following shortly after the first article was published on the site. Up to this date, more than 19,000 articles were published on the website by Mary and his group which received a lot more than 233,000 consumer comments.


Mary Hilliker

She founded New Folder Wizard in 2005 to provide simple to understand technical information, tips, tutorials, and review articles to English-speaking users from around the globe.

Sh’s a contributor in Betanews and has published a reserve about Windows 10 Privacy recently.